Our Contract Bonds

As a contractor, providing security can tie up your assets or interfere with your credit lines. Contract Bonds are the ideal solution. They can help you secure your performance and other contract-related obligations without having to provide tangible or collateral security. This can free up your working capital, enhance your liquidity and allow you to take on new projects.

  1. Performance Bonds provide security for your client against default or non-performance
  2. Maintenance Bonds cover your post-completion obligations during the warranty or latent defects period, usually 12 months from practical completion
  3. Advance Payment Bonds cover your client when they advance you money to pre-purchase equipment or establish a site
  4. Retention Release Bonds provide security for your client when they advance you money from their retention fund
  5. Bid Bonds are submitted with your bid or tender to ensure you’ll enter into a contract if your bid is accepted. They also guarantee a Performance Bond will be supplied
  6. Off-Site Material Bonds cover your client for goods or materials produced and held off-site and paid for by them (if they’re not available when required).
  7. Our bonds are widely accepted by governments, large corporations and private companies. We have an SP rating of A+ and meet the requirements of APRA, the governing body that monitors the insurance sector.

Residential and Commercial Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds are a great alternative to cash deposits when you’re buying property, whether it’s residential (for you or as an investor) or commercial. They free up your cash until settlement, which can be particularly useful if you’re buying an ‘off the plan’ property which could take years to complete. Our bonds can be short-term (up to six months) or long-term (up to five years).

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